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We are one of the top legal and geo-political consulting firms in Mexico and United States, with experience and a track record second to none.  We have been involved in the last six presidential campaigns and have elected hundreds of Congressman, Senators, Mayors, Governors and local elected officials. 
With experience at every level of politics and in every corner of the country, our strategists know that campaigns are about one thing:  winning.  We get involved deeply in every campaign we work on because we know that’s the level of commitment that it takes for victory.  And we offer the same level of service to all of our campaigns, meaning the same strategists, writers, and editors are at the table whether you are running your first local campaign or a national effort.

We have also been at the forefront of issue and public advocacy campaigns, where we have led independent organizations, legislative initiatives and ballot measures to victory.  At our POLLS you can find case studies of some of our campaigns. Our services include: 


Whether you are promoting women’s leadership or protecting women’s reproductive rights, our Women’s Leadership & Advocacy Practice team can equip you with the nuanced proactive messages that will resonate with the audiences you need to reach. Led by a powerhouse team of some of the most influential women in strategic communications, in the country, AHCORE bases its communication strategies on a real-world understanding of what’s at stake. We have extensive experience advocating on behalf of women leaders and candidates, as well as some of the most high profile causes and issues that matter to women. 

The Women’s Leadership and Advocacy Practice is fully integrated into the firm’s public affairs, digital, executive communications and political practice areas. We offer clients experience, research insights, partnerships, and other community-building support that is essential to succeed in a crowded, dynamic media and policy environment.

We know your issues. We understand your challenges. We know how to win. 


AHCORE & ROTHSCHILD Entertainment, Media and Sports Practice Group have a thorough understanding of the business, financing, distribution and licensing needs of an actor including but not limited to film, television, music, technology, gaming and sports industries. 

We know these industries inside and out, and take a leading role in helping our clients reach their goals and objectives. Attorneys in the group represent Actors, motion picture producers and distributors, serve as outside general counsel for musicians and entertainers, and negotiate significant marketing and promotional agreements. We also have experience representing a variety of sports industry individuals and entities, including professional and amateur athletes, sports agents, coaches, league and team executives, professional teams and universities, sports and marketing agencies and related companies.


Every campaign dollar is precious.  And with the advent of new technologies and improved data, every dollar can be highly targeted.  Whether it is television, radio, or online, the ability to target can be a significant advantage over your opponent if it is executed correctly. An is agnostic about the medium:  we don’t favor one or another.

Our goal is simply to help you win.  



Public and Media Relations

It’s a challenge to break through the din of today’s 24-hour news cycle.  That’s why our experience with effective message development and k
nowledge of national and regional media across all platforms is critical to our clients.  AHCORE’s team of public relations professionals knows how to deliver the right messages to the right audiences — with the right results. 

Crisis Communications
The ability to respond swiftly and effectively to a potentially negative situation has never been more important.  With decades of crisis management experience from Washington to Wall Street, we help our clients develop and execute strategies that are effective and lasting. By working with a company’s existing corporate communications resources or creating a separate “war room,” we quickly help create the most effective messaging, lead media training, manage briefings to key stakeholders, deliver talking points, and provide overall strategic guidance.


No two campaigns are the same.  A challenger cannot run the same campaign as an incumbent, for example.  We approach each campaign differently and start at the beginning with fresh eyes.  What is your personal story?  What are your strengths and potential weaknesses compared to your competitors?  We ask all these questions first, and come up with a path to victory that is tailored to you and your campaign. 

Television, Radio, and Online Advertising

Creativity is wasted if it is not on-message; and on-message ads are wasted if no one pays any attention to them.  At AHCORE & ROTHSCHILD   we know how to get attention in this cluttered media environment without sacrificing message.  Whether it is television, radio, or online video or display ads, we make sure your message is both on point and memorable. With our partner RELOJ DE ARENA TV and RELOJ DE ARENA RADIO, we use their Network platform in TV, Radio and Internet.@RDA_Network www.RDA.news 

Media Training, and Debate Preparation

AHCORE & ROTHSCHILD takes great pride in preparing our candidates or spokespeople for speeches and media appearances.  Whether it’s a major speech or a high profile debate, we are with you every step of the way to ensure that you make the news you want, the way you want to.                         

Social Media and Online Strategy

Today’s campaigns are 24 hour operations that require you to use every tool at your resource, including social and online tools.  Whether you have a team in-house that we work with to develop strategy and tactics or if we are implementing it for you, AH knows the latest tools and strategy to get the maximum return for your online efforts.


We can help you manage an issue, providing important insights and messaging guidance from our in-house research team. We can help build a base of support from third parties and influencers. We have helped women run for political office. We know how to train female leaders for media interviews and hearings. We write speeches, opinion pieces and more. We craft social media strategies, pursue speaking opportunities and other recognition. We use all of these as building blocks to develop a woman’s personal brand or visibility for her organization and issue.

The firm publishes a bi-monthly newsletter in Reloj de Arena Network Radio @RDA_Network  and The "300 Women Leadership Report", to track issues in politics, business and advocacy. The name of the report refers to the 300 million women who inspire our work. To subscribe, contact us at: info@ahcoreconsulting.com


Communicating your message with measurable results has never been more important – or difficult – than in today’s fragmented news environment.  It’s precisely in this environment that AHCOREthrives.
Whether it’s helping in a crisis, building your advocacy coalition, developing a media plan for targeted audiences, or honing a complex set of facts into a digestible message, we apply the techniques we’ve learned in the nation’s highest profile political campaigns to design a strategy tailored specifically for you.
Our Managing Directors have extensive backgrounds in media, politics, business, and government – and we put that experience to work for you.

Message Development
We know that a strong message is the core of any successful campaign.  And it does not exist in a vacuum—it is directly tied to your competitors’ messages, breaking news, and your target audience. Using research, creativity, and experience, we will work with you to develop the message you need to win.

Establishing and building a stand-out brand is critical to competing in a crowded marketplace and surviving media scrutiny. Knowing how you are different and what you have to offer policy makers, the press, and your target audience is essential to building a campaign. Our strategists will help you define who you are, show how you fit into the competitive landscape, and build a memorable brand.

Media Training

How to sit… how to stand…how to gesture…how to pause – these are important pieces to any public appearance and take training and practice to refine. But equally important to how you look and sound, is what you say and how you say it. We will work with you to define and hone your message and provide you with the tools, tactics, and practice to take control of any interview situation.

Eduardo Ludewig Rocha Bracamontes

Social Media

A digital strategy is an opportunity to build your brand by engaging directly with your network through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. SKDK will work with you to determine the right message, audience, and social media channel to achieve your goals. We will develop a plan and support your implementation, or we can implement the plan in full integration with your earned and paid media strategies. 

“Image creates desire. You will become whatever you believe" 

Eduardo Ludewig Rocha Bracamontes





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